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A: Very.

You’d almost forget all about this….

USI President Gary Redmond to the right there (literally) telling you to ‘Vote Fianna Fail for Jobs’. Their Vice President recently decided students are so important that he could walk away from his job representing them to go after a career in the Labour Party.

What a country…


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Dublin captured by BBC’s Nationwide when Rod Stewart visited in the mid 1970s. They used the footage to publicise his single Sailing and broadcast it on Top Of The Tops in September 1975. Scenes of Moore Street can be seen from about 2:33 minutes in.

The actual music video for the song was filmed in New York harbour.

(Thanks to John F. for telling me about the video)

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Cheers Rory, spotted on Facebook.

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Graffiti Ghosts

If you look closely you can still find reminders of Grift’s legacy in Dublin. Grift, who was involved with the ICN (InCogNito) and RCS (RadiCalS) crews, was one arguably one of the most famous and influential graffiti artists in the city’s history.

I spotted this in carving on a side of a table in The Globe Bar just before Christmas.

Some of Grift’s pieces:

credit - Crucial333

credit - matthew byrne

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On September 18, 1951 The Irish Times of the day was a most unusual one. It was only four pages of content, owing to a fire which destroyed about a third of the companies premises on Westmoreland Street. Below is the front page of the paper which I picked up recently. Note the side column entitled ‘They all offered to help’ detailing the manner in which other Dublin based publications offered assistance to get the paper out on the 18th. It was an incredible display of the work ethic and attitude of the paper that on September 18 1951, one could still purchase The Irish Times from their local vender.

Click on the image to enlarge it. The paper was quite fragile so I didn’t wish to scan it.

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The man with no shame.

I was incredibly angry to hear B€rti€ Ah€rn proclaim to RTE that his biggest regret from his time in the Dail was not securing a proper football stadium for the capital. Is the man for real? While he may fly to Old Trafford to watch kickabouts, a lot more people are flying out of this country everyday seeking paychecks and a future. It was a disgraceful lack of respect to the Irish public.

When I heard the remarks, I’d just given a walking tour through the historic liberties and the centre of Dublin to the men from Kilkenny who have bravely walked to Dublin in opposition to the likes of Ahern and the economic mess created by the unaccountable behind those Kildare Street gates. At Dublin Castle, it had to be said that while historically we associate it with British rule in Ireland, people of my generation will always remember it as the place Bertie Ahern went to speak before a tribunal.

I hope, when he stands for the presidency, that comment yesterday comes back to haunt him. He really is a shameless individual.

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These were discovered hiding in the attic recently, coming from the Watts Gunsmiths which used to be based at 18 Ormond Quay. I’m fascinated by the history of gunsmiths in Dublin, does anyone have a photograph of Watts they can share? Previously, I uploaded this company logo from the ‘compliments’ card of the shop.

Today, Watts is the adifferentkettleoffishaltogether art space at 18 Ormond Quay. We love to document the live of Dublin buildings, so a snap of Watts as it once appeared would be most welcome.

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