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We… well I, was thinking about  launching an April Fools prank on here tomorrow to see how far it would spread (if it spread at all,) but these things rarely work well, and if they do, its the elaborate ones that do and I’m far too hungry to think of one of those. It got me thinking though of pranks that have been played out in this city. Below is my top five:

Save the Park!

5) Save the Park, 2006. In 2006, more than 250k listeners to the RTE radio programme “Mooney goes Wild on One” were informed of impending government plans as per a report entitled “Amended Programme for Rail, Integrated with Luas; First Official On- line Report” to build a dual carriageway with ten metre high screening walls down Chesterfield Avenue in the middle of the park. It was announced protestors had arrived to demonstrate the abominable plans. Pity they didn’t cop the abbreviation of the report spelt out APRIL FOOL.

"Like icebergs it was. Icebergs floating down the canal."

4) Icebergs on the Grand Canal, 1968. Not an April Fool this one, but an October one. October 1968 to be precise. JayCarax has an interesting piece on this here, that I’d only be doing an injustice in trying to re-hash for this piece. Just think of your average “Fairy Liquid in the fountain” trick times twenty.



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Who says Student Union elections can’t be fun? This one comes from IADT.

context,if you’ve been living under a rock.

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MylesDay Timetable.

The people behind MylesDay have presented their schedule for events tomorrow in The Palace bar. I’ll be there until about 6pm, when I will depart for the Dublin Derby between Dublin 7 and Dublin 8. Drop in.

The Myles Day team is delighted to present the schedule for the inaugural MylesDay event, to be held this Friday in the Palace Bar. There is no admission fee, we would not burden the Plain People of Ireland so in these straitened times. But you are advised to arrive early, as due to the levels of interest, we are expecting something of a crush.

A “relaxed approach” should be taken with the interpretation of times – the actual time of performances may not be accurate enough to facilitate the setting of watches against the schedule

2:30 John Clarke,(brief) intro & kick-off

2:30 Val O’Donnell, Bookhandling

2:50 Carol Taaffe, The Third Policeman

3:10 David Wheatley, Keats & Chapman

3:30 Ed O’Loughlin, For Steam Men

3:50 James Stafford, At Swim-two-birds

4:10 Michael Carolan, The Brother

4:30 Peter Prior, The Mollycule Theory

4:50 Jack Lynch, Two in one

5:10 Frank McNally, Miscellaneous

5:30 Ann Russell, True biography of Myles na gCopaleen

5:50 Tim Casey, Trink and Intoxicating Ice Cream

6:10 Aidan Jordan, The Brother

6:30 MylesDay Quiz, results & prize giving

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Between 2005 and 2007 I took nearly 450 pictures of street art and graffiti around the Dublin area, primarily in the city centre and the South-Eastern suburbs. At first using a number of throwaway cameras and then an Olympia digital camera. I was hoping to capture a little bit of Dublin graffiti social history with the fanciful idea of putting a book together of all my snaps. I soon lost interest but thought it would be worthwhile to upload the best snaps here so they don’t go to complete waste. Enjoy.

The fifth feature is on the graff crews UEK (Underground Elements Krew) and RFA (Ready For Action) of which CIST, GONER, MAK and BAR were members.

(c) Jay Carax

(c) Jay Carax

(c) Jay Carax

(c) Jay Carax


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The Vandals.

This looks interesting. All City celebrates some of the most (in)famous graffiti artists from the island with a two day exhibition at Block T in Smithfield. It opens on Good Friday, and it’s Bring Your Own Booze.

I’ll hopefully be in Derry that night for Saint Patrick’s Athletic versus Derry City, but I’ll catch it on the second day.

All City are up to plenty that weekend, with the Tivoli Jam lined up too:

Ci from this here parish has a great collection of over 40 images from the Tivoli carpark uploaded over here on Flickr.

From hxci's Flickr.

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Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed.

And so it begins…..

Am I mad? I don’t know. Why I’ve not challenged myself to read it yet, again I don’t know. Many great Dublin characters are reflected in the work, and I’ve always enjoyed Bloomsday. I’ve read some of Joyce’s works already, but always shied away from Ulysses. Today, I’m 40-something pages in and greatly enjoying the work.

My version is “the 1922 text”. The explanatory notes at the back are longer than some books I have read. Everyday I pass a Ulysses plaque in the city centre, be it at the Ballast Office, the Thomas Moore statue, O’Connell Bridge or elsewhere, and I feel a tiny bit embarrassed not to have read the work so many enquire about when visiting the city.

I’ve visited the Jewish Museum in the past and learned of Dublin’s most famous (and fictional) Jewish figure. I’m fascinated by the books international appeal considering its specific geographic setting. Reading should never be a chore and I intend to visit sights from the book as I try to get to grips with it.

Bloomsday is on the sixteenth of June. Let’s see how far I can get by then, and more importantly: how much I can understand. Reports on my progress will appear on the site.

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‘Old City, New Dreams’

Four weeks of debate, music, film and comedy for Dubliners in landmark Dublin bars, followed by one free drink for all attendees courtesy of Diageo Ireland and Guinness. For your FREE tickets email paul@thedubliner.ie with the name of the event and the number of tickets you request.

Thursdays = 4.

Talks = 8.

Venues = 7.

Possible free pints of Guinness = 8.

Cost = €0.00

Obligatory Facebook link.

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