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Well, that’s a howler.

The Irish Independent report on the naming of the referees for the 2011 All-Ireland Senior and Minor Football Championship finals at Croker makes for interesting reading to say the least. Paradigm Hughes of Ramah, any relation of Pádraig Hughes from Armagh? Who knows.


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‘Na Siopaí Salach’

It all began with the excellent ‘Shops Of Dublin’ image left on our Facebook page by Declan, a reader. The image, a mock-up of the ever-popular Dublin shopfronts poster which hangs of the wall of so many city centre boozers, highlights the fact that where family names once gazed down today you find a city of Spars,Centras and the like.

The image came from atoast2toast, where one finds an excellent explanation piece from the designer noting that “The Ireland of today is still marketed as the land of Joycean splendor and unique indigenous character, but as I sat in a pub looking at the assorted prefabricated tat on the wall, an old crumpled yellowed poster of the ‘shops of Dublin’ struck me as particularly out of time…….”

Sitting in The Stag’s Head yesterday, a conversation around the poster developed. Branno, an occasional commentator on the site here and in the past responsible for plenty of donated content, had a rather genius idea: Imagine someone in Carroll’s began printing the below, the adult shops of Dublin, flogging it to tourist and native publication alike.

It was too funny an idea not to have a go, and so, I give to you, Na Siopaí Salach. Enjoy.

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Casa Rebelde


With one out of the three of us enjoying the musical delights of Electric Picnic, the other two will have to make our own fun on Friday night. Thankfully there’s quite a bit going on.

From 4pm to 7pm, Casa Rebelde will be holding a pre match party for the Ireland – Slovakia game.

hXci will be behind the ‘bar’, providing delicious Kalimotxos (wine and coke) and beer. While yours truly will be banging off tunes on the laptop and turning up the speakers as far as they go.

Fans heading to the game will be given a 10% discount on any purchase on producing their match ticket while everyone is able to get a free Che/Giles/McGrath t-shirt when purcharsing two Copa tops.

Finally, there’ll be a draw in the shop for a match ticket for the game itself.

Afterwards, we’ll be heading down to The Thomas House for the No Bother & AFA Ireland joint DJ night. Entry is free. Expect the best punk, ska, reggae and northern soul from the DJs.


Poster for the AFA Ireland & No Bother night


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We've come a long way.....

There’s a great report over on The Irish Times website about a Crumlin school which has ditched books for iPads.

According to Blake Hodkinson, principal at St Kevin’s College in Crumlin, this system is 40 per cent cheaper than buying books. Until now the school has provided all books at a cost of €20,000 per year, with €4,000 of that contributed by families.

The report can be read here. It’s hard not to be jealous, when all you could do for fun is class was draw facial hair on people in your history books.

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There’s been great controversy around Shelbourne’s defeat to Sheriff Y.C on Friday night in the F.A.I Cup, with some claiming the match was fixed. Certainly, discussions on some betting forums and the ‘tip’ which seems to have been passed on to many in the LOI community give some credibility to the claim, but did Sheriff just play their hearts out? Who knows. Reports from people at the match suggest a very lackluster effort from Shels in the second half. More questions than answers…

This footage comes from ShelsTV. Give it a look.

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New PRP banner

Credit to P.G. and J.R. for designing. Bob Doyle image, credit to Indymedia

Symbolising everything we’re proud of: Dublin, left-wing politics, reggae, punk and soul.

From left to right, Paul Cleary from Dublin’s finest 80s New Wave band The Blades; Mikey Dread, legendary Jamaican reggae singer and producer; Bob Doyle, last surviving Irish member of the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War; unnamed rude boy.

The Punky Reggae Party (PRP) has been putting on gigs since October 2009. We’ve played in the UCD student bar, Seomra Spraoi, Murray’s, Ruta Live, Twisted Pepper, Phoenix Bar (Dalymount), Toners and even exotic places such as Belfast, Bilbao and Greystones!

Have a listen to Carax’s PRP Summer Mix here.

Stay tuned for more upcoming gigs and mixes.

(c) Carax. Unveiled at the Twister Pepper last Thursday

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Blue is the colour……

The latest copy of Blue and Navy, the Dublin GAA fanzine, will be on sale around Croker this Sunday before the All Ireland semi which sees the capital take on Donegal.

As a League of Ireland fan, there was a period when picking up fanzines was a part of my match experience, from Inchicore to awaydays too. Sadly, that culture has more or less passed on from the domestic soccer league, and fanzines aren’t so common-place.

Blue and Navy is something I pick up on occasion from Easons. Its mix of history, opinion and humour make it a good read. The latest issue has plenty of history, with pieces on the GAA career of Harry Boland, a classic 1984 Evening Press piece on ‘How To Survive On Hill 16’, a look at the ever-changing jersey of the capital and more besides.

Below are the sales locations. Be sure to pick up a copy, we need more independent media like this produced by dedicated followers of the games we love.

Sales locations
(sellers around Croke Park)
Luke Kelly Bridge @ Clonliffe Road East entrance
Foster Terrace for Cusack entrance
Clonliffe Road/St.James Avenue for Cusack/Hill 16 entrance
Jones Road (@ Gills Pub) for Hogan entrance
Across from Quinns pub @ Clonliffe Road West entrance
On the Hill at bar at half time
(Pub sales)
The fanzine will also be on sale (behind the bar) in the following renowned establishments;
The Bridge Tavern, Summerhill Parade, Gaffneys, Fairview and Quinns, Drumcondra Road.

This Must Be The Place

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