Nearly 20 years since Jump Around and Top o’ the Morning to Ya were released, it’s interesting to see another North American rap group trying to express what it means to be of Irish descent in 2011.

The video reminds me of Baltimore based The Wire (wake scene), a hint of the Boston Irish depicted in The Departed/The Town, Chicago Dropkick Murphy sound-a-likes The Tossers and even a sprinkle of Japan Pogues fans The Cherry Bombs.

First generation born
Toast to those that made it on a boat to New York
And when the English came the colonizer came
They filled up bottles of gasoline, turned ’em into balls of flame
And hurled ’em to protect what’s ours
Don’t touch these lucky charms
Whole bunch of Irish screaming “Fuck the London Guard”
I’m kidding, not dissin’ London, this bloody war
But go against the Irish and get a bloody jaw
Preaching nonviolence but reminds of the scars
And the bias, put a pint up everybody sing a song

From New England to New Brunswick
All the way to Dublin
A rebellious nation of freckled face hustlers
Hard blue collared workers and family
My heritage, proud to be a Haggerty

It should be noted that he’s not just trying to cash in on the Irish roots either, Seattle based Macklemore has released a number of well received mix tapes and EPs.

Eat My Shorts 2

This looks great, I shall be attending with my much more creative younger brother. The brainwave of students, the event is completely free and the door open to everyone. More of this kind of stuff in recession hit Ath Claith, please…

Eat My Shorts is an event which promotes emerging filmmaking talent from across the globe in a cool, free, sound, deadly space. We do so through taking short film submissions throughout the year and hosting events to screen a diverse selection of what we’ve received.

In June 2010 we set up shop in Exchange Dublin, Temple Bar and gave out free popcorn and cadet soda, had a DJ and 11 exceptionally brilliant shorts.

City Discs to close

Sad news.

Though I can’t say I was a regular customer, I did my best to pop in now and again and memorably bought my bus ticket here for the Celtek rave back in 2008.

Best wishes to the owners with any future endeavors.

The excellent Dublin record shop City Discs is unfortunately closing down. All stock on sale, €3 an item. Big up Craig, Gerry and all the gang who’ve been supplying tunes to so many people the last 8 years.

Photo credit - 3artes

Directed by the late Bob Collins (1945 – 2000), who also had a hand in the production of the video for Phil Lynott’s Old Town, The Blades’ Bride Wore White captures great street scenes of a grey, 1980s Dublin.

In the Hotpress National Poll of 1982, The Bride Wore White was voted best single while The Blades were voted ‘the most promising act in Ireland’ and Paul Cleary ‘best Irish songwriter’.

Note: Your able to buy The Blades two album boxset, Those Were The Days, here at the Reekus Records website.

An oldie but a goodie…

Enda Kenny tries his luck with the American Idol judges before hitting the campaign trail. The judges reactions make it…

Opinions on M.C. or on the Collins 22 organisation aside, they’ve uploaded a fascinating amount of archive newspapers here. As well as dozens of old, high -res photos and information on Collins’ various safe houses in Dublin city.

And yes, the Collins 22 group is selling a 50 minute DVD documentary called The Blueshirts for €20 on their online shop.

It’s one of those great Dublin pub quiz questions. What links the bandstand in Herbert Park and the Long Hall on South Great George’s Street?

Well, both feature heavily in the video to Phill Lynott’s classic 1982 single Old Town. The video was produced by Dave Heffernan and stars the actress Fiona McKenna.

The Dublin locations are as follows:

– Opening scene on Ha’Penny bridge
– Ringsend
– Grafton Street
– The Long Hall
– Bandstand (Herbert Park)
– Ringsend Pier

…people are preparing for the weekly carvery, washed down with a few minerals. What are they like?

Seriously though, there is nothing more Irish than the Sunday carvery dinner. That’s actually The Foxhunter in Lucan, which does a lovely carvery.

‘Let Them Eat Cheese’.

Ha’penny Bridge, yesterday. I’d been meaning to snap this for a while.

Earlier on we posted littleman’s excellent ‘Bertie on top’ stencil, only a street away from this. The city is a canvas….

Newspaper ad taken out to lure poor unfortunates in....

Recently, the subject of Dublin’s ugliest building and what would constitute a deserving winner (if that’s the right term) came up on our Facebook page in discussion. Quick as a flash, Hawkins House was proposed. I’ve always been painfully aware of it, owing to using the Pearse Street bus stop opposite, but when you actually go down to have a look at it up close you realise that perhaps Dubliners are a little bit hard on Liberty Hall.

Like an East Berlin block of flats, the 1962 Hawkins House looms over everything around it, visible from College Green and even poking its ugly head over the other neighbouring structures to make it visible from the O’Connell Bridge.

It’s truly heartbreaking to think that this is the spot where once stood the glorious Theatre Royal. I don’t know where they filmed Goodbye Lenin, but they missed a great location here.

Hawkins House, take a bow. You horrible, horrible place.

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This was in the Metro Herald yesterday morning. It was one of two letters complaining about The Field at the Olympia. Unusually, I’ve spotted plenty of letters and commentary like it popping up over the last few days, the majority of it criticism not of the play itself but rather the theatre, and indeed the audience.

I have to say I attended The Field last week and thought it excellent, and loved the Olympia as a venue. It was my first time to see a play there, normally going for one of two extremes in the form of small independents or The Abbey. I did see one woman (elderly) moved to seats nearer the front owing to not being able to hear the actors (the things you hear during an interval eh?) but all in all it went without a hitch. Anyone else?

Bertie on top.

Spotted yesterday. An oldie but a goodie from littleman still in place, it will likely be there long after Ahern rides off into the sunset too.

Will the election see more street art like this on the streets of the capital?

Some oldies that came to mind:

artist unknown

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