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The annual Match Programme Fair is coming up again, at St Andrews Parish Centre on Pearse Street.

It takes place on Sunday, May 30th

I only recently uncovered a box of copies of the SuperSaint programme from 1998-1999 and 1999-2000 under the bed, absolute gems. Every programme from 1999-2000 in particular opens with a 1,000 word essay from Pat Dolan on whatever was getting on his nerves that week.

For example,in Issue 13 of the campaign, Galway United at home, Dolan noted that

It is certainly not satisfactory for our youth to believe that supporting their team is about sitting in front of the TV. It is something bordering almost on fraud for RTE’s over exposed Premiership to rely on opinions of people not qualified to comment. As someone who has analysed games for TV and radio, both live in the stadium and ‘live’ in the studio in front of the telly, I can tell you that you can only truly appreciate the pattern of the game and the wider picture if you actually attend the match! How gullible as a nation have we become that we accept people pontificating about the merits of English soccer and decrying the merits of Irish soccer, who attend neither.


As well as a trip to Pearse Street, you could do worse than to make a trip out to the Phoenix Park for a free month long exhibition there on the history of football in the park.

“The exhibition was launched to mark the FAI taking over the lease for the football facilities in the Phoenix Park, which are known as ‘the Fifteen Acres’. The exhibition contains photographs documenting the history of football in the Fifteen Acres, beginning with the foundation of Bohemian Football Club at the Gate Lodge of the Phoenix Park on September 6th 1890 and including photographs of football clubs from the late 19th century right through to the present day”

Do both on the same day and then go home, stick the scarf on, play some Subbuteo and give Jack’s Heroes a spin.

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The nice people at YBIG (Or You Boys In Green)have uploaded their new online magazine, which you can check out here. When you’re flicking through it, be aware that the Star ads open fancy pop up video footage. Nothing like having headphones in, the volume up, and hearing Mr. Betfair Dunphy talking away to himself (while sitting on a swively chair in Tallaght Stadium)

An example of content.

Along with plenty of League of Ireland coverage, it’s got plenty on the national team, a nice historical piece on an encounter between West Germany and the Republic and some great video content. It’s the future. There’s even a video of that cheating French bastard (language, Timothy) doing cocaine. You’ll get it when you click it.

Hopefully this isn’t the end of the lovely bus-friendly regular YBIG magazine.

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“and where you go we’ll follow,
we’ll follow
we’ll follow”

This bit, which brought about nice comments and nods of agreement from various League of Ireland supporters, was printed in the Galway United F.C match programme for the Drogheda Utd./St. Patrick’s Athletic clashes. More importantly than little old Come Here To Me, the match programme also featured League of Ireland hero Michael D. Higgins T.D

“We also need to mix the beautiful game in with other aspects of culture, like poetry, theatre, spectacle, and all the other glorious things of life!”

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“Since the end of last season I have been acquiring new players: three are local lads from junior clubs- Billy Reid (Fatima Rangers) Paul McGrath (Dalkey United) and John Cleary (Ballyfermot Utd.)”

Ooh Ah Paul McGrath. With “..a bit of time and encouragement” he won’t be a half bad player. Not a bad call.

This one showed up recently, and should be of interest to not just Saints but maybe Rovers fans and League of Ireland fans in general. The team listings in the central page for example makes for interesting reading. There is so much to this though, the ad’s for local businesses, the simplicity of the match programme, the irritating game of ‘Symbol Cross’ on the last page, and the annoying fact the backcover Adidas ad features snaps of Manchester United and Ipswich Town (not many Irish Ipswich Town fans at the moment). Suppose Barstool culture goes back a bit itself.

So, from the First Round of the League Cup, at a bargain 30p, here it is. Enjoy.

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Football chants surrounding certain teams histories have been bantered back and forth on this island and elsewhere over the last couple of years given the influx of investment into the game by money grabbing swines. Liverpool chant at Chelsea “You can’t buy our history,” and we all laugh at Shamrock Rovers for swapping theirs for shiny new accomodation in Tallaght.

But there is a little bit of history at least for sale at Whytes Auctioneers this week (viewing in their galleries at at 38 Molesworth Street; auction at the Freemasons’ Hall, Molesworth Street; Viewing is Tuesday to Thursday 20-22 April, 10am-6pm and Friday 23 April (day of sale), 10am-4pm.) On sale is a varied selection of League of Ireland memorabilia including this:

1929-30 Irish Free State Football League Winners gold medal to Bohemians FC

 The above medal is estimated to reach between €5-700 at the auction; And rightly so. The twenties was a “Golden” era for the team; Two years before this, the Bohs team, captained by the great Harry Cannon, had swept the boards and won every trophy available.

Also going at the auction are a wide selection of programmes from both League of Ireland and International games including this gem:

1946 (21 April) Football Association of Ireland Cup Final Drumcondra v. Shamrock Rovers programme

Definitely worth heading along to if you have an interest in all things football related. All details are at the Whytes website linked above. And if anybody feels generous enough to pick up the Bohs medal and pass it onto myself, feel free. It’d be going to a good home.

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