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Television Rocker

The Radiators from Space, in my opinion, are up there with The Blades and The Atrix as being one of the best bands ever to come out of this city. Their two albums TV Tube Heart (1977) and Ghost town (1979) are played at least once a week on my Ipod, laptop or CD player.

I was lucky enough to catch them supporting The Pogues in The Point in December 2006. The internet has been awash with excitement ever since Mr. Chevron announced back in August that a new Radiators “album and an accompanying television film” were in the pipeline.

Anyway, earlier in the week I had an epiphany. While humming the (classic) opening chords of The Radiators from Space’s first single Television Screen, I soon found myself singing the chorus of Nut Rocker, the 1962 instrumental from B. Bumble and the Stingers.

I think they share a pretty similar tune. What do you think?

I’m talking about the score at 0:23.

The Radiators’ intro is faster and rougher (and has no piano)  but is essentially the same tune? Perhaps Chevron and the boys were more influenced by rock n roll than I thought originally?

My thanks to a friend from the Red Writers blog, who pointed out that the Fine “how annoying is Enda Kenny?” Gael website got hacked today, with this message put in its place by Anonymous. Notice the titlebar.

The internet is serious business Enda, serious business.

Jan 14 – 15

Next weekend is shaping up to be a cracker.


Kaboogie celebrates their 5th birthday with SCRATCHA DVA (hyperdub / rinse fm – uk), MUNGO’S HI-FI (scotch bonnet – scotland), MC SOOM T (jahtari / !kaboogie – scotland, !Kaboogie Djs, All City Records Djs (upstairs). Facebook event here.

The Richter Collective’s Post Christmas Party with The Richter Christmas Party with BATS, Not Squares (Dublin-Album Launch), Herv (Richter Rave Set), Enemies, Jogging, Logikparty and The Continuous Battle Of Order. Facebook event here.

Note: old poster. Ignore date.



Bohs Spirit of 77 Supporters Crew proudly present Bail out Bohs! featuring Easpa Measa, Roosky, Moutpiece, Cruibin and Found on The Floor. €7. 8pm – 12:30am. Facebook event here.

Dublin’s Sleepless Soul Nights annual start to the year with classics from the Twisted Wheel, Golden Torch, Wigan Casino and more. Basement, Good Bits, Store Street.

Peggy Keogh RIP

Dublin lost one of its real characters this week with the passing of Peggy Keogh.

Born Margaret Keogh (nee Dowdall), of Cabra Road, she will be most remembered for selling Doctor Marten boots to a generation of Dubliners from her stall at the back of the Ilac Centre. For most of the 1970s and 1980s, Peggy Keogh’s stall was the only place in Dublin where you could get yer Docs.

Her great-grand mother started off selling second – hand clothes and furniture in the 1910s in the area where the Ilac Centre now stands.

Tributes have been pouring in on Boards.ie and Biker.ie

Peggy’s son, the actor Garret Keogh, was on Joe Duffy yesterday speaking about his mother’s life.

Her grand children have set up a facebook page in memory of her and are asking people to leave any recollections.

Peggy Keogh (1923 - 2010)

Martyr Of The Month

The Irish Times is the only paper we buy in this house. It may be often dismissed as the best of a bad bunch, but I think it genuinely is a good read, and I’ve great time for some of the contributers. Emmet Malone for example in the sport section is top class for League of Ireland coverage, and there’s a guy you might have heard of called VINCENT BROWNE who writes for the paper on occasion too.

The Gloss is a fashion magazine that comes with the paper monthly. It’s everything you’d expect from a magazine that was apparently €4.50 a month before merging with the newspaper. This months The Gloss includes a guide to saving money from some faces from the world of style and fashion, and it makes for a great read. So much so, that I have decided to give Arnotts CEO Nigel Blow the illustrious (and eh….brand new) Come Here To Me Martyr Of The Month award.

“I’ve joined a Working Man’s Club in my local village in England so I can get a pint for £2.45! And I’ve downgraded from the €7 shoe shine to the €5 option in Dublin Airport.”

Nigel, we salute you.

Hard Times.

Jesus is coming, look busy.

Ah, the things people hand you in town.

Keep the day free.

The day Jesus comes back is on a Saturday, and the day after a Dublin derby with the Saints and Bohs playing in Dalyer. It’s also the weekend of ‘The Adventure Weekend’ at the RDS which promises “world
class live demonstrations.”


In 2001 Saoirse, the paper of Republican Sinn Fein, published a very interesting Special Branch report on the Seán Russell Memorial unveiling that took place in September 1951. It is said that a writer found it in the Archives during his own research into Russel.

The branch report lists in detail the attendees, their vehicles and their movements. The long list of IRA members and a separate list of “fellow travelers” should be of interest to students of history in the not so distant future.

The Irish Times. Monday, September 10, 1951.

I’ve always loved the cinema. I enjoy nothing more than escaping from life for a couple of hours and watching a decent film.

The only thing that has stopped me going regularly is the price. I can’t afford to pay €9 (Savoy, 15 and over) €8.60 (Cineworld, student after 5pm) or even €6.50 (Screen, student) nearly every week to see a film.

After considerable debate and cost analysis, I decided in October to sign up to Cineworld’s Unlimited Card which costs €19.99 a month. For that price, I can go to as many films as I want per month at their cinema on Parnell Street. I’m really glad I did it. I’ve saved a considerable amount of money, saw films which I wouldn’t have seen in the first place and have used the card to my advantage on many cold or wet winter days.

Since October 16, I’ve gone to 13 films in Cineworld. I’ve kept a little movie diary to keep account of my savings:

Oct 16 – The Social Network (€8.60)
Oct 25 – Red (€7.10)
Oct 27 – Easy-A (€8.60)

OCT: €24.30 – €19.99 = €4.31

Nov 11 – Jackass 3D (€8.60)
Nov 15 – Another Year (€7.10)
Nov 19 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (€8.60)
Nov 24 – Chico and Rico (€8.60)
Nov 30 –  London Boulevard (€8.60)

NOV: €41.50 – €19.99 = €21.51

Dec 3 – The American (€8.60)
Dec 10 – Unstoppable (€7.10)
Dec 15 – The Tourist (€7.10)
Dec 20 – Monsters (€7.10)
Dec 22 – Meet the Parents: Little Fockers (€7.10)

DEC €37.00 – €19.99 = €17.01

Total Costs: €102.80 – 59.97 = €42.83

If i had paid each time to see every film above, it would have cost me just over €100. With the Unlimited Card, it cost me just under €60.


(c) Cian Ginty

I’ve done my best to give a critical and honest look at the advantages and disadvantages of the card.

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Letters Lives & Liberty

For all you students and dolies, you can visit the new exhibition in the GPO for free by printing out the following page. Why not use the €2 saved to buy yourself a nice bar of chocolate?

The exhibition reopens on January 4th and is open Monday to Friday (10am to 5pm) and Saturday (10am to 4pm).

Once a month, myself and jaycarax head to The Workman’s Club and spin some tunes. Skaturday is a tribute to the music we love, and while ska is obviously central to proceedings, the broader family tree gets a look in too. Reggae, dancehall, soul, punk and more besides features.

Drop in Saturday night and say hello. The Workman’s Club is located right next to The Clarence, and the ska is upstairs.

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