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Aquascutum is one of the quintessential London brands. Regent Street to the core, the company have been on the go since 1851. It’s long been one of my favourite brands, pricey as it is the pieces hold up well in the long-term and the elegant look of the items is timeless. While an Aquascutum coat remains slightly unattainable at present (Student bank account, every time the ATM dispenses money I dance on the street), it is one of the staple pieces I hope to get my hands on down the line.

Efforts to stick Pierce Brosnan in a nice suit and sell the brand to ‘that’ kind of man (You know the kind, boat shoes) are probably an attempt to move the brand away from any association with football hooliganism, the old British hooligan logic being that if it looks nice they’ll wear it while kicking each other in the head. Still, the brand has a rich history and tradition, with many of the items still made in the UK today.

The arrival of the brand in Arnotts, the oldest department store in Dublin, is most welcome. Perhaps no more dancing at the ATM for me….

You can check out the Aquascutum Sale here, at their website. A number of jobs sites seem to be advertising jobs at the new Arnotts store, if anyone is sick of the couch yet.

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