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The Digital Projects section of Dublin City Public Libraries have over the past year done great work in sticking up old images of the City in times past. The latest collection to go online is one hundred and thirty or so images of Dublin pubs, some whose doors are still open, others who who live only in the memories of ex- punters. The full gallery can be seen here.

The Commodore, from Dublin City Public Libraries

The Swallow, from Dublin City Public Libraries

The site is a mine of photographic information, they have fantastic galleries on Dublin’s Sporting Heritage, the ’74 Dublin Bombings, “Missing Dublin” and now this. I look forward to more.

Billy Lavelles, from Dublin City Public Libraries

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Image taken from the British Pathé site.

I’ve recently been introduced to a great site that I’m sure will be of interest to some CHTM followers. British Pathé have archived over 3,500 hours of footage filmed from 1910 onwards on their site;  The historian in me loves the old newsreels, the football fan in me goes directly for the likes of this video, a rare clip from 1936 of a team representing Nazi Germany playing, and losing, 5-2, to an Irish team at my beloved Dalymount Park, true home of Irish football…

Another highlight is this clip of “Glasgow Celtic Vs. The Irish Free State” filmed in 1924, again in Dalymount Park. Notice the fans on the roof of the stand; If only people were as eager to get into League of Ireland grounds these days…

The freeview videos aren’t of any great length, they generally weigh in close to two minutes long but some of the scenes are just fantastic.

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