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*I always get around to things. It might take me a while, but I do. I’d intended to post this up the weekend of our trip up North to see FCUM take on Cliftonville FC, but a truly good Saturday will always see to it Sunday is unproductive.*

We frequently discuss and deal with archives here on Come Here To Me, examples including my recent posting of a Socialist Party leaflet from the time of the last Royal visit to Dublin, or a more recent post from Sam on some of the gems he’s come across working at the Irish Labour History Museum.

A recent symposium with the title ‘Archives in Crisis’ saw more than 250 people pack out a lecture hall at Trinity College Dublin to discuss the state of Irish archives, the event being moderated by Professor Diarmaid Ferriter from UCD. That symposium was addressed by, among others, Fintan O’ Toole and Professor Eunan O’ Halpin. An excellent report of it is to be found over on Pue’s Occurrences, a group history blog many of our readers will be familiar with. There is clearly a passion for archives among the Irish public, and anyone who has had to wait around for a seat at either the National Archives or Library will no doubt agree!

I was recently forwarded this excellent speech from Caitriona Crowe, the Senior Archivist at the National Archives of Ireland, speaking at NUI Maynooth at the launch of the Irish Qualitative Data Archive. It is a defence of archives and archivists, and much more besides.

In these days of cutbacks, one can only hope our archives will not find themselves under the guillotine.

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The poster in a recent post on archives and the burning of the Four Courts reminded me to root out this old punch cartoon upstairs.

Taken from the July 12th 1922 edition of Punch, or the London Charivari, it shows the ‘Spirit of the Law’ in discussion with a menacing looking republican figure, with the smouldering remains of the Four Courts in the background.

Spirit of Law (To Irish Rebel): “You may have destroyed my courts and my records, but you have not destroyed me!”

At least two thirds of Come Here To Me will be at this, feel free to say hello.

Here is that poster one more time, as posted by jaycarax

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In 1922 the bulk of Ireland’s documentary heritage was destroyed. This symposium poses a stark question: what will be the state of Irish archives in 2022 on the centenary of the Four Courts blaze?

It was our friends at Cedar Lounge Revolution who first brought my attention to this important, interesting and ultimately necessary event. As a student of history and as someone who is considering taking a M.A. in Archives and Record Management, I’m really looking forward to this.

Great poster too.

With Diarmuid Ferriter (Professor of Modern Irish History) chairing the conference and the speakers including Fintan O’Toole (The Irish Times), Catriona Crowe (Senior Archivist at the National Archives of Ireland) and Eunan O’Halpin (Bank of Ireland Professor of Contemporary Irish History), we should be in for a treat.

The meeting will conclude by taking nominations to a new Action on Archives committee, which will seek to make representations to appropriate bodies. Admission Free – All Welcome

For further information, contact Dr Peter Crooks, pcrooks@tcd.ie (01 896 1368)

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