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We stopped the car last weekend at a few car boot sales in the west of the country, and you couldn’t move for all the Val Doonican LPs and flashing pictures of Jesus. Still, always stop. One of our own recently picked up a Euro ’88 jersey for €1.60 , less than my bus fare. Like the eBay of old, if you’re willing to rummage and have a proper look, you can come out with something ace.

One for the young ‘uns mainly I suppose is the excellent car boot sale out the back of the Bernard Shaw pub. It returns next Saturday, running from midday onwards.

It is an odds ‘n’ ends market, with car boots and stalls, food, drink, bands, DJs and a few hundred people in great humour. Starts at 1pm, runs til 7pm, with after party til the wee hours inside and is Free In.

Probably won’t turn up a Euro ’88 jersey granted, but maybe Val is back in fashion.

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Saturday night drinks in The Bernard Shaw with Simon went well, as they do, and on the way out the door I noticed the flyer for the exhibition ‘Exact Fare Only’. Essentially the exhibition is a collection of pieces from Dublin artists inspired by journeys on Dublin Bus.

The flyer, if you bother taking a scissors to it, can be folded into a the shape of a Dublin Bus. Then, you cut holes for the sides to fit into (I’m a lazy man, notice the masking-tape) and you’re away. If you’ve loads of time like me, you can colour the thing in . Look at it!

Amazing. Get on it. My only regret is not thinking of scanning the sheet up here so you could all spend Monday morning making mini 3D Nitelink buses too. Innovative flyer gets a thumbs up.

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