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Rip Her To Shreds

Blondie- Out In The Streets (The Shangri La’s)

I’ve seen Blondie 2.0.

Is it the same? I don’t know to be honest, but it’s damn good. Leonard Cohen 2.0 is probably better than Vintage Leonard Cohen owing to a clean lifestyle , The Pogues 2.0 can still stand which is a success in itself, and a whole host of other 2.0’s, ranging from Roxy Music to Moving Hearts, haven’t disappointed the public too much.

I’m not exactly in a hurry to part with money at the moment (Pity the poor student) but a return from Blondie may change that. I can remember the first time I played Parallel Lines, and it’s been up the top of the pile since. That album has Picture This, Hanging On The Telephone and Heart Of Glass for starters.

Fair enough, The Hunter sucked (and sucked bad) but by the 1990s all was well again. Actually, thinking about it, maybe the Blondie 2.0 comment is a bit out of order, as I’m actually pretty fond of No Exit.

I can remember a painful trip to Ryan Tubridy on the couch during one of their last visits over, which was nearly as bad as listening to The Hunter, and only saved by a brief set at the end of the show. Saying that, I don’t think I’ve ever rushed into the room when I’ve heard the old dear yelling “that band you like are on the telly”. It’s normally Wikipedia researched nonsense.

There is something to be said for gigs like Blondie, The Specials and their sort when your Mam and Dad get an excuse to get their own Harrington Jackets out from under the stairs, but even if it’s not the 1970s, it’s worth a trip to tick another one off the list.

Blondie at Vicar Street
€49.20 22 June.

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