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It doesn’t get much more Dublin that that, fantastic. Have a great Christmas and take care of yourselves, thanks for the support.

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Christmas, apparently.

Firstly, I haven’t a CLUE what Cidona has to do with Christmas. Must be a Ballyfermot thing. My mam and dad both insist Cidona reminds them of Christmas, and you “knew it was Christmas” when the horrible, child-cider like piss appeared in the house. I’ve never had much time for the stuff, and the tradition has come to an end in the household thankfully. For me, Christmas begins with a certain email from Ticketmaster.ie

Normally around August, you’ll find it there.


You can set your clock to it. Its as certain as Christmas itself rolling around at this stage.  It never lets down. I’m not one for ‘Fairytale’ I must confess (and this year, with the gig a good 10 days earlier than normal this is twice as true) but you’re guaranteed a good  long-set that takes you through the entire career, with everyone doing a bit of time on the vocal duty.

I’m always reminded of an encounter a friend had with Ronnie Drew at The Point a number of years back.  Drew was just off stage after belting through ‘The Irish Rover’, and out the front of The Point.

“Here, Ronnie- gis an autograph”

Bad start really.

“It’s Mister Drew to you son”

Fair enough.

“Mister Drew, gis an autograph”

“I will for a fiver”

With that, he signs the fiver and hands it straight back.

“Son, never pay anyone for an autograph, and if you do- value it properly”

I always think of that great story around Christmas, and I’m sure I’ll tell it to somebody in Brogans tonight.

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