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“I knew that I liked this bicycle more than I had ever liked any other bicycle, better even than I had liked some people with two legs. I liked her unassuming competence, her docility, the simple dignity of her quiet way. “
-Flann O’ Brien.

I’ve a habit of not checking my Facebook event invites often enough. Being 80% nightclub spam, I don’t tend to miss too much. When I do go for a quick glance, I normally spot a gem. This could well be one.

One Less Car
is a DCTV documentary on cycling in Dublin. Long, long before the ‘Corpo Bikes’ arrived and every office highflyer got back on their rothar, there were cyclists in Dublin. Sometimes it was just for the views, sometimes for the costs, sometimes for the excercise and sometimes for the politics of it all. Like any European city, Dublin has always had people in it who choose two wheels over four. There is a special place in hell for people who steal bicycles however, and I know more than one person who has been turned off city cycling by that old Dublin motto: “Unless it’s nailed to the ground, I’m taking it home”

“Despite being fast paced and entertaining One Less Car doesn’t shy away from complex topics and, sometimes ambiguous or contradictory viewpoints. What emerges is the feel of a groundswell, of a phase transition as the act of re-imagining our city starts to see actual impact and gain critical mass. If anything convinces you that cycling is todays most relevant transport issue, it’ll be One Less Car.”

One Less Car will be screened by Rothar at The Cobblestone Pub (Smithfield) on Wednesday,March 24th, starting at 7pm.

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