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Dole TV.

Includes an interview with Sam Nolan (Trade Unionist)
Street Literature- Products Of Our Environment (1.48 in)
and Brian Cowen boozing around Dublin (8.00 in)

Well done to Dublin Community Television on this one, the first episode of Dole TV. Offering a fine mix of content, what begins with a great interview with Sam Nolan goes on to feature a great parody on the Taoiseach’s love for a good pint and an excellent hip hop effort from some younger Dubliners, in the form of Street Literature. Give it a watch.

We’ve briefly touched on the unemployed workers movement in Dublin in the fifties, about which Sam Nolan speaks here, before. The post I have linked to above includes video footage of a protest rally in 1953.

We are putting out an appeal to all those talented video editors, graphic artists, writers, music producers and others to send in their media and ideas for inclusion in the show. Get them in. You can reach out at doletv@dctv.ie

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