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I don’t have much to say about the accompanying pictures except anyone I’ve taken into DiFontaines on Parliament Street (and there have been quite a few, I’m pretty much in love with the place) has left there feeling like they’ve just eaten the best pizza in the city. And they’d be right in feeling so.

The connection with Fun Lovin' Criminals still remains obviously!

Once found attached to the legendary (I’m not sure whether legendary good way or legendary bad way,) Eamonn Doran’s, it was subject to many drunken visits post now sadly defunct “CHTM’s Crew Friday Nights.” Anyways, €4 for any slice of Pizza in the awesome new spot, go for the sausage/ pepperoni/ ham, it will leave you salivating at the thought of more!

Where I go for my post Casa Rebelde / Brogan's eats!

And yes, it is better than Ray’s Pizza.

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