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A friend of ours Andrew has created this fascinating google map of sites of significance to current and historical radical struggles.

While the map covers the whole island, it focuses particularly on Dublin. It’s particularly apt to post in the run up to Sunday’s radical walking tour of the city.

The markers are as follows:

Green – Old History (Pre 20th century)

Red- History (1900-1980)

Yellow – Recent (1980-yesterday)

Blue – Current (Locations that are still active in some sense)

Purple – Stops on the Feminist Walking Tour 2010

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Sunday week, the 30th of May, I will be one of the guides on a walking tour taking in some of the radical history of Dublin city centre.

The Walking Tour is taking place as part of the Fifth Dublin Anarchist Bookfair, hosted by the Workers Solidarity Movement. Many of our readers here have a keen interest in radical history, and talks like “A History of Irish Revolutions” (Conor Kostick) and “The Lost Revolution – the Success & Failures of the Workers Party” (Brian Hanley and Scott Millar) at the bookfair are of particular note in that field.

The tour is completely free (I felt the need to ‘bold’ that, students eh?) and I would hope will end with some good discussion. Many of my own chosen sites have a particular focus on Dublin through the revolutionary years, with some unusual War of Independence and Civil War sites. Union history, feminist history, student history and much more besides will feature.

So, come meet dfallon in real life ( “Him? Really?”), learn something new, and enjoy a walk around our lovely and historic city.

The tour has a Facebook event page, here.

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