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A real gem this, spotted on the wonderful Irish Election Literature Blog. It’s Trevor Sargent. Of course, one of the only Green TD’s who might still have a job after the next election following a Grade A piece of theatre that made sure he came away looking like the last Green who hadn’t turned yellow. Here he is performing ‘The Garden Song’ for an audience of children.

Of my local TD’s, it’s either Mary Harney or No-Go Gogarty I’d pay the most to see whip out the guitar.

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from the fantastic irishelectionliterature.wordpress.com

Paul Gogarty from The Green Party is one of my local TDs. Dublin Mid West looks completely bonkers to be honest, as not alone did the area put ‘Paul in the Dail’, but a certain Mary Harney too. She’s essentially been saying ‘fuck you’  to a whole load of people for the last couple of years, in less dramatic and far more deadly circumstances than Mr. Gogarty.

I was reminded of the day the Gogarty team knocked on the front door in the hunt for votes in 2007. My Dad, like a terrier, went straight for the door.  Paul was at the next house over, but had an assistant or two on the doors with him, as all politicians do.

“What about the Corrib gas situation? Do you support Shell to Sea?” Dad asked.

My Dad would be quite far from any sort of left wing radical, in fact- very is a better word than quite. Paul shoots over anyway from the neighbours to ours to reassure my Dad of the ‘Greens support’ for the campaign and to agree noddingly with every word said.

Pauls recent comments to a Green magazine, as quoted by The Irish Independent, seem bizarre giving how he’s voted in the Dail as of late.

“Fianna Fail members are cute hoors but they also realise that politics is about people. FF has an innate understanding of people. It doesn’t mean they haven’t screwed the general public over the years, because their real friends have been developers and big business. I hope Fianna Fail gets a drumming in the next election”

Something makes me think it won’t just be Fianna Fail who get a “drumming” come the next election .


Dublin Mid West  goes MSNBC:

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