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I love going through items relating to the family history, and this is an interesting piece from my grandfather on my mothers side. It’s an Irish ex-servicemen’s card from the Guinness brewery. My grandfather, A/Cpol. Philip Tierney, served as a military policeman during the ‘Emergency’. His reference signed by his commanding officer,Capt. Edward Cassidy, notes that “The a/n (above named) has served in the Military Police Service since 29/8/1941 and has been directly under my command for the past two years. During that time he has proved himself an excellent Police-man, diligent, and thoroughly concientious in the performance of all duties assigned to him. He is of excellent character and familiar with all aspects of Police duty.”

The ‘ex-servicemen’s association’ in the brewery was comprised of those who had served with the British army, while after the second World War in light of the vast numbers of men who served during the ‘Emergency’, the creation of this association came about. It seems to have been short lived. It is an unusual piece of Guinness history.

On a personal note, it’s pretty cool to know where my grandparents were living at the time (Philip Tierney is listed as having lived at 43 Camden Street). With granny coming from Cornmarket, and her mother the same, we’ve remained true to the southside. They later moved to Ballyfermot.

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