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Grafton Street, 1911.

A timely gem this, from the National Archives online site.

I have gone from a weekly visitor to the Archives to never having time to set foot in the place owing to work,and you’d miss it. This leaflet is taken from 1911, and written by James Connolly. It can be read by expanding the image below.

Fellow-workers, stand by the dignity of your class. All these parading royalties, all this insolent aristocracy, all these grovelling, dirt-eating capitalist traitors, all these are but signs of disease in any social state – diseases which a royal visit brings to a head and spews in all its nastiness before our horrified eyes. But as the recognition of the disease is the first stage towards its cure, so that we may rid our social state of its political and social diseases, we must recognise the elements of corruption.


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