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Prime Max

It’s rare I rave about a particular beer. I think the last time I felt the need to draw attention to one was my first experience with Moosehead, a beautiful Canadian Lager I was handed a bottle of in the Bernard Shaw not too long ago.

Earlier on, I tried out Prime Max in the ever-popular Hop House in the company of a good friend. Inspired by European lagers, it has a beautiful hoppy flavour to it and comes from the Hite Brewery. An all-malt brew, it is sold in HUGE bottles with at least three pints to the bottle, thus matching and even beating the Hop House favourite of the Bavaria pitcher. At €9, it is a steal.

The sight of bottles on almost every table of Korean punters is enough to convince me it is the way to go on Hop House journeys in future, rumours of its hangover creational skills remain just that as we didn’t approve of the idea of another round. Midweek, well behaved.

The Hop House is located on Parnell Street, at number 160. It is undoubtedly my favourite of the immigrant community pubs in the city centre, with a wonderful mix of regulars. While the Guinness is there on tap, pubs like this offer a chance to try something new. Give it a go, you’ll get little in the city for €3 a pint at present, and I think this import is a beaut.

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An tÓglach, Summer 1971 p.10

Spotted this today. The Shakespere was one of the ghost-signs of Dublin our own jaycarax covered in his piece on the literal ‘signs of the times’. Today, of course, it is known as The Hop House.

Our review of The Hop House

“I don’t think I could put my name to any list of good Dublin pubs and leave this one out. While we’ve found some great pubs so far, it can sometimes be the ones you knew already that shine brightest. This one would blind you”

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