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From the time the bus left Dublin, until the time it came to a halt at Eyre Square, we must have passed a dozen Supermacs. Right on the far side of Eyre Square is a sort of mammoth Supermacs, the big daddy of the Supermacs world, Super-Supermacs even. Walking down Shop Street and we hear one teenager shout at another “I told him I’d meet him at 3 in Supermacs…”

Outside Dublin, it’s the centre of commerce and community.


We didn’t leave Dublin for Galway to just look at different branches of Supermacs. That would be a waste. Rather, we took off for the Blog Awards 2010. You may have heard about them. See that thing on the right up top? The badge of honour? Yeah. If you know us in ‘real life’ you might have heard us discuss them too. Might have.

We were up for Best Group Blog, and myself and jaycarax made the trek. hxci was on a stag trip, but two out of three ain’t bad as they say. The Blog Awards surpassed our expectations without doubt, a fancy fancy fancy affair, with plenty of free rum, nice food and friendly faces. The best kind.

Did we win? No. Still, for a blog so new to get so far so quick is encouraging. I’ll leave it to the lads to say whatever they want to below, as I don’t want to speak for others, but we’ve had the support and backing of a great group of people so far, many more familiar with the blogging world than ourselves. We are the newbies of course, but we’re very content and energetic newbies too.

Finally, the Galway thanks.

To all at the Blog Awards, you run a tight ship. An unsinkable one too. To all the other blogs who were competing, and to all the other interested bloggers who just came along, thanks for making the night so memorable. Well done to all the victorious blogs too. The Roisin Dubh pub deserves a mention just for being bloody brilliant. A few vodka blackcurrants, a good dancefloor and drunkenly dancing/singing along to Animal Collective can fix anything.

In short, it was great.

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What wonderful news to hear before you head to bed.

Come Here To Me! has made the final cut for the Best Group Blog category in the Irish Blog Awards 2010. From the 50 blogs that were nominated by the public, we managed to be one of the 25 that were originally shortlisted in the first judging round and unexpectedly have now made it into the last 5!

Firstly, huge thanks to the people behind the Irish Blog Awards for all their work in maintaining the website and organising the Awards themselves. Secondly, the people who nominated us first of all and the judges who have kept us in the running. Thirdly, Redfly Marketing for sponsoring the Best Group Blog category. Finally, best of luck to The Lives Of Others, Irish Economy, Irish Autism Action and Irish Student Blogs.

Unfortunately Hxci will be at his brother’s stag weekend but myself and Dfallon will be traveling down to Galway next Saturday for the Awards ceremony. Might see you there.

Radisson Hotel Galway, fancy.

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