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As well as an impressive collection of old union stickers, I found this Irish Clerical Workers’ Union membership card from 1918 in the Irish Labour History Museum last week.

Info on the union from the Historical Directory of Trade Unions (2006)

It appears to have been the possession of a Thomas Maguire who lived at 11 Derrynane Hll (sp?) off the North Circular Road. Thanks to some helpful friends on facebook, I’ve been able to track down a Derrynane Parade (which is indeed off the NCR) but have found no reference to a Derrynane Hill or a Derrynane Hall. Perhaps the street was renamed or his address was written in by someone who misheard him.

for passing this on)”]

The 1911 census shows that there are no Maguires living at Derrynane Parade. There are approximately 53 Thomas Maguires living in Dublin that year. Discounting anyone under the age of 17 and 60, that leaves us with 21 Thomas Maguires. I’m going through them now to find any possible match i.e. someone working in a clerical job.

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