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Random Youtube finds eh?

Growing up (said the 2nd year student) , I think rap music wasn’t a huge part of it all for me in truth. A Tribe Called Quest, MF Doom, Gang Starr, Atmosphere and some other odds and ends featured alright, but I wasn’t getting invited anywhere with my LP collection to say the least. You could more or less write me off as ‘Hype Machine Hip Hop’

From the Irish school I didn’t know a thing, but was fond of Collie (…Is Ainm Dom is a top class album, even if only for the line “Music is the only thing I have a passion for, don’t care about fashion buy my jocks in Dunnes Stores” ) and Captain Moonlight, along with some odds and ends.

By pure chance I stumbled across this on YouTube today. Make of it what you will. It’s all the more interesting for me knowing absolutely nothing about this stuff in Ireland. For me, on the first listen, the Rawsoul lad hammers this one. Just a bit. No more nails against bluetack really.

About a million miles away from one of those Seamus Ennis posts, isn’t it?

“This depressing misfit is about as camp as Electric Picnic”

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