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The new Dublin Milkman service is offering to deliver a loaf of freshly baked bread from the Bretzel Bakery, 1 litre of Milk (full fat or low fat) and 1 copy of The Sunday Times in a “nice covered wooden box” every Sunday morning to your door for €6.

An attempt to revive a much missed ‘community’ service or a scheme to cash in on the laziness of the Dublin bourgeois? My feelings are divided.

What you get for €6.

Their website states that they do not charge for delivery and make the enticing argument that they deliver straight to your door and their “product offering” (i.e. the bread) is of a much higher quality than Tesco, Spar or the like.

In time, they hope to expand their range of goods and offer “bacon, sausages, black pudding, white pudding, freshly squeezed orange juice, freshly ground coffee, croissants etc..” and also start delivering on Saturday mornings with The Irish Times.

If your living more than 10mins walk from your nearest shop or if you find any walk tough (due old age or an disability), this service may genuinely help you. Or indeed if you have a fondness for the Bretzel Bakery but live too far away to get your fix. But if you don’t fit into any of those three categories, maybe you should just get off the couch.

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This (presumably incorrectly captioned) photograph was on the front page of The Irish Times website for some time this morning. Definitely one of my favourite news ‘fails’ of the year.

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