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It only dawned on me recently how many versions of The Auld Triangle I have in my collection. By ‘my collection’, I mean Windows Media Player. Anyway, I thought a few were worth posting in case you haven’t heard them. I love some of these.

Cat Power: No doubt inspired by Bob Dylan, this cover from Cat Power is more than decent. I enjoy her cover records as much as her own material in all truth.

Jeff Tweedy from Wilco has covered the song live, and it is one of my favourite versions. This sounds excellent.

Christy Moore recorded an excellent rendition of the song, which can be heard on his Box Set.

This Pogues version comes from a Peel Session.

All great, and this is before taking other versions like Ewan MacColl’s into account, not to mention the numerous versions of bands like The Dubliners and The Clancy Brothers. Enjoy.

The song was of course written by Brendan Behan and features in The Quare Fellow, a play currently running at The New Theatre on Essex Street, at the back of Connolly Books.

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