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The bronze statue of Henry Grattan has been keeping an eye over the front gates of Trinity College since January 1876. Designed by John Henry Foley, a Dubliner, the spot where the statue stands was originally chosen as a site for the Prince Albert Memorial, but through the efforts of the late A. M. Sullivan, author of the “Story of Ireland,” it was reserved for Grattan’s statue, while the other was changed to the lawn of the Royal Dublin Society.

To either side of the statue’s front,  are two of the original four gas lamp standards, decorated with carved Hippocampus i.e. Sea Horses. It is believed that the other two lamps were removed in the mid 20th century but their current whereabouts are unknown. Interestingly, Grattan’s bridge which links Parliament Street and Capel Street is also furnished with beautiful Hippocampus’ lamp ornaments.

If anyone has any information on the missing two lamposts, can help me date the following photographs or can provide any more historic images of the statue, get in touch.

1870s. Before the sea horse lamps were introduced

Late 19th century.

Late 19th century?

Side view. Late 19th Century.

A quiet scene. Late 19th century?

Rear view. Early 1900s?

Early 1900s.

Busy street scene. Early 1900s?

Side view. Early 1900s?

Early 20th Century.

Early 20th Century.

View from 1924 (Notice the little 'YMCA' sheds)

1961 (Notice two sea horse lamposts removed)

2009, Suffocated by trees. (Picture - GrahamH)

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