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I always love venturing into the Secret Book and Record Store on Wicklow Street as it has produced some absolute gems for me down through the years. When Mero was running the record side of things, I’d make the trip up from beyond the Pale and shuffle nervously up to the counter with whatever zine or 7″ or god forbid TAPE that I liked the look of. But as I grew, Mero’s gave way to Freebird, and punk moved across to the late Red Ink at Central Bank, and my interest in this place moved to the books.

The Secret Book and Record Store

So, when I got a text from JayCarax last week saying there was a box of League of Ireland programmes going cheap, I jumped at the chance. I eventually got in on Sunday afternoon on nipped in and the result can be seen below- €20 for 27 programmes, mainly Bohs but a few Shels as well, spanning from 1992 – 2004. Twelve short years, but a lifetime in this League. Paul Osam to Peter Eccles, Gino Lawless to Avery John all feature. Owen Heary, Pat Fenlon and Stuart Byrne seem to appear ageless, bouncing back and forth between clubs and Tony Cousins appears, looking, well, pretty much exactly like he does now. Shels were a big club, and Bohs made a profit one season. Crazy times indeed.

27 programmes for a score? A steal.

I’ll scan some of the more interesting pages up over the weekend; I’ll most likely need a repetitive and non- strenuous chore to ease my Paddy’s Day hangover away so what better to kill two birds with the one stone.

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