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To those who missed it last week, you have till November 1st to watch this fascinating documentary about the murders of two Jewish men in Dublin in the early 1920s.

Even though the Dublin of 1923 was a troubled place, recovering from the war of independence and the very recent civil war, the city was shocked by a spate of murderous attacks on Jewish men walking home to the area off the South Circular Road, known then, as “Little Jerusalem”. Bernard Goldberg, a 42 year old jeweller from Manchester and Ernest Kahan, a 24 year old civil servant in the Dept of Agriculture, were attacked and shot dead. Within the space of two weeks, two Jewish men had been shot dead and two more had been badly injured – the tightly knit jewish community in Dublin now feared the worst – that this was the beginning of a cold blooded anti-semitic campaign.

Despite extensive Police investigations – the killers were never found.

This is a story of intrigue, mystery, scandal, divided loyalties and cover up. For over 80 years the details of the story have remained shrouded in secrecy. For the first time on television CSÍ will piece together what really happened. Who the chief suspects were and what happened to them. And we uncover the trauma that the murders inflicted on the families of those left behind, trauma that ripples on to this day.


Map of Dublin’s “Little Jerusalem” (Adapted from Educational Jewish Aspects of James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” 5)


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A nice little find on Youtube. A 27 mins documentary in which “Brendan Behan acts as guide to Dublin as he tells tales about the city”. The programme, which was made two years after Behan’s death, was made up of ‘reconstructed’ commentary and interviews with relatives.

There are conversations with Brendan Behan’s father Stephen, his mother Kathleen and his widow Beatrice as well as beautiful old footage of O’Connell Street and the ‘Little Jerusalem’ area of Clanbrassil Street. The soundtrack is by The Dubliners.

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