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Thanks to WSMIreland on YouTube for uploading this.

While it’s not exactly news to anyone that Enda Kenny is lacking with regards charisma, this performance is baffling even by his own standards. First of all, he’s confronted about the Corrib Gas issue. He responds with ‘budget-speak’ regarding carers and the blind. He’s heard “all about it” apparently.

Anyway, the gold begins at 4.55. A passing firefighter arrives on the scene, and is quizzed by Enda on where his  family are from. “Fair play to ya!” says  Enda. Anyway, needless to say, our friend  is a bit more concerned with the pension levy than the old sod.

Straight to the questions then:

“Do you believe that the Fire Brigade should have the right to strike?”

To which Enda responds…

“I’ll give you the tour around Achill if you’d like”

When grilled on whether or not Fine Gael will remove the pension levy when in Government, Enda hasn’t got an answer, or even a soundbyte. He then tells the man that “maybe you don’t want to hear” all the campaigning I’ve done for you in the Dail, before once again stating “The next time you’re down the west, you give me a shout”

A handful of bemused Shell to Sea activists, one very confused Dublin firefighter, and one very weak Mayo T.D.

Only in Ireland, only on Kildare Street.

Val Falvey is the man.

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