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I stumbled upon this amazing box of stickers today in the Irish Labour History Museum in Beggars Bush.

The box.

Brits Must Go!

Coal Not Dole

I Support Our Firefighters

'Irish Trade Unions - Support The Miners' + 'NUM South Wales Area'

ICTU Observer. ICTU Delegate.

'I Support McDonald's Strikers' 'Don't Pass The Picket' 'Grafton St. & O'Connell St.

Labour For Dublin


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Arthur Scargill at Dunnes Stores, Henry Street with striking workers (Irish Times April 20th 1985)

Arthur Scargill, the (in)famous trade union leader of the National Union of Miners, is to address the upcoming May Day rally in Dublin. There is something about seeing Scargill speak that makes you feel almost entitled to a badge yourself, like you’ve ticked something off some imaginary list. He is, afterall, renowned for his ability in the field.

When I saw him last year, at the Unite union hall (which you can view here) I understood where the reputation comes from. Often humourous, sometimes biting and always engaging, he is in a field of his own when microphones are involved (And the same can be said of megaphones)

While aspects of his own politics remain open for debate among the left, and some debate the tactics and even the ideology of the strike Scargill led, it doesn’t change the fact he remains a speaker most worthy of your ears and time. He is a character of some magnitude.

DCTU May Day Rally:
2 pm , Saturday 1st May
Garden of Remembrance,
Parnell Square, Dublin.

March to Liberty Hall

The red-top smear the staff wouldn't print.

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