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Perhaps a tad ‘NSFW’. If you’re too old to know what that means, never mind.

Firstly, before the song. They had me at this. It’s WB Yeats, if he was a Sega Mega Drive character.

That’s the cover of A National Light, coming in May from Dublin band The Rags.

I stumbled across this band on another website, you know the one. One friend posts it, another friend shares it, and the cycle continues.

Anyway, do I know anything about their music? Hmm, nothing beyond what I’ve seen in the video above, and the few tracks I’ve played over on their MySpace (remember that?). But christ, what a video. Yeah yeah, so it’s loaded with a load of randomers off the internet, this is true.

Look a bit closer but, and there’s a bit of Dublin in there. I’ve spotted two popular nightclubs and a familiar face or three. A couple of internet memes chucked in, a few eejits with guitars, big gangs of lads kicking seven shades out of each other (and that could well be from outside a Dublin Derby, if you believe the papers) and all I’m not really getting is Hitler. Suppose, when you’ve everything else in your music video……

The song is very catchy, it’s been in my head all day. I really like the sound of this one, and the fact it’s clearly a Dublin band from the vocals (Nothing like that ‘Never been to London’ indie-band accent) , not to mention how strong the lyrics are. On the back of this and the other songs I’ve heard on their site, I look forward to hearing more. There seems to be a slew of EPs and Singles out there already, before pixely-faced Yeats hits the shelves.

They’ll be in Whelans on the 29th of May, in a post-exam world.

“Our time was never really well invested
Or thoughtfully spent, keeping abreast of the rent
And when I walk home, it’s usually alone
That way I won’t lower the tone”

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