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Hxci’s fantastic post on things to do in Dublin other than sitting on a highstool getting wrecked is one of our most popular pieces, and people tend to stumble across it through a variety of humorous google searches, things in the same category as “I’m not drinking for a week in Dublin and don’t know what to do with myself at all” basically.

While he gave the National Library of Ireland a mention, it was only recently when knocking about it for college reasons I realised just how fantastic the exhibition on the life, times and work of W.B Yeats is. I remember visiting it a good two years back as it was initially intended to be a temporary exhibition. The decision to leave it in place was, for this city, an unusually wise one.

If you have broadband, and a half decent flash player (and we’re all Dubs here remember, no way any of you are living in one of those floodable, broadbandless North Kildare housing estates) you can check out the exhibiton from home.

Granted, it’s free in real life, and beautiful to walk around, but after visiting it I knew there were odds and ends I wanted another look at. The audio-visual aspects of the exhibition are there to view too.

A fantastic effort from the National Library, and unusual in this country. So much of the historical material and archives in the possesion of the state would do well to find an online home like this.

From the National Library of Ireland online, portraits of W.B Yeats and Maud Gonne circa 1900

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