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We have a few posts on here about Dublin’s Nitelink, including one of my favourite DFallon posts ever,  about his travails in Leixlip at silly o’clock in the morning having fallen asleep on one (if you haven’t read it yet, do so.) In the last couple of months, we’ve shared scary news of an impending cancellation of the service, set up a Facebook page to save it, and broken news of its current status.

Dublin Bus- Never change a crappy system.

So, when I saw the above stickers on Henry Grattan Bridge, I couldn’t help but grin and get the camera out. I don’t know how long the stickers have been about but what I do know is I WANT ONE.

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It wouldn’t be an overstatement to suggest that Dublin has probably one of the worst night-time bus services in Western Europe. It is shocking that in 2010 people still can’t get home from town, using public transport, after the hours of 11:30pm on Sunday – Thursday.

However, it did come as a surprise to learn last week that a private company called Finnegan Bray have been running a “night bus” from O’Connell Street via the ‘southside’ to Bray and beyond since 1993. I managed to get their bus home from town last Thursday at the reasonable price of a fiver. Perhaps Thursday nights have been salvaged.

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