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Despite being a Dubliner, I’m slowly earning my degree in Maynooth ‘across the border’. Like all Dubliners though, I must walk past Trinity College at least twice or three times a week, and seize any opportunity to go for a walk within its grounds. Me, the Americans, the hidden UCD scarves and the odd Trinity student running across the grass late. I used to get lucky and spot Brendan Kennelly or David Norris with good frequency, but the last ‘famous person’ I spotted inside the gates of Trinity was a Fianna Fail Junior Minister getting the walkabouts.

Trinity College Dublin

So today, while doing the usual third level exam thing (Of eh…sitting on Facebook for a few hours.), I spotted this.

‘Overheard at Trinity College Dublin’. A new venture, it has already attracted over 900 students (Well, I can spot at least 4 NUI Maynooth students along with myself having a look) and the submissions are flowing. Some great Dublin wit in there, and some stuff that just made me laugh out loud for various reasons.

Some gems:

“”no like i actually scored the ents officer last year…. he brought me up to his office!”

“And has anyone heard that story about the BESS student who asked, in a tutorial, if Karl Marx was a follower of Hitler’s?”

“Ok, to find the determinant of a…what’s it called again?”
“I think it’s called….a two box”

An American tourist to me, outside the Arts Block- “can you tell me where Kellys Book is?”

Give it a look. Hopefully Belfield, Maynooth and other campuses will follow.
The stuff I’ve heard in Maynooth, I could write a book.

The Trinity Ball, apparently.

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