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Out of boredom and/or chronic procrastination (bills to pay, things to sort out,) I went for a stroll around the city this evening with the camera; its surprising the things you see in this city that you don’t notice unless you’re looking for them. Below is Georges Street Arcade, the place where I acquired my first studded belt, in my mind, it made me punx and I still wear it to this day, ill fitting as it is.

The Arcade- like diving into the past

Now you’d think that our comrades in Fade Street would flock to Dylan Haskins like scenesters to an overpriced Dubstep night in The Academy but not so. They’re all voting our Mannix.

Fade Street are voting Mannix

Just another victim, Waterstones bookshop closed it’s doors for the last time a couple of weeks back with the loss of 46 jobs. It wasn’t somewhere I shopped too often, I prefer Chapters myself but a pity all the same.

And another one bites the dust... Waterstones


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