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You took what was not yours,
went against your own bible,
you broke your own laws,
just to out do the rivals.

Damien Dempsey, Colony

"Greed is the knife and the scars run deep." Print from the recent Maser/ Damo collaboration at today's demo, as spotted by Comrade O'Carroll

Whilst the lyrics of the Damien Dempsey’s “Colony” refer to imperialist colonisers like England, Portugal and Spain, the above lyrics may just as well refer to our own dear leaders. Poisonous and clueless shower the lot of them.

With one third of CHTM nursing a bad headache from his birthday last night whilst on a plane to the Basque country for some football tourism, it was up to the remaining two thirds to take to the streets today, alongside an estimated 100,000 others. Irish media are using a figure of 50, 000 but I defy that, the ICTU demo last year had 120, 000 and this certainly came close to that. From my viewpoint, it took approximately an hour for the march to stream past before I joined in the left block towards the back. Impressive showing it has to be said. Lets get the same outside the Dáil on budget day.

(kudos to http://www.aaocarroll.org for the pic!)

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Another gem from the British Pathe website showing a Dublin unemployed march from the mid 1950s.

When I first watched the clip, I nearly fell off my chair as the first seconds show something that resembles the Spire in the background. Any idea what it is?

It quickly cuts to a man holding the Starry Plough walking past the GPO who is followed by hundreds of men doing a U – turn at the bottom of O’Connell St. by the bridge and marching back up the other side of the road.

At 18seconds in, the leader of the ‘Dublin Unemployment Association’, Thomas Pearle claps his hand and starts a sit down protest “halting all traffic for half an hour”

One placard reads ‘Get off your knees – March with us’, presumably a reference to the famous labour slogan, “The great only appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise” which has been accredited to many people including James Connolly, Jim Larkin and Max Stirner.

The scene at 31 seconds is quite amazing with both side of O’Connell St. and the bridge blocked. Though it looks like there’s more people observing the demo than there is sitting down!

Jubilant scenes follow when the news is spread that the march will make its way down to the Dail, “the first time such a protest has been held at its gates”.

Dozens of men were charged and fined for causing obstructions by their sit-down protest.

Court told 'wide issues involved', The Irish Times, Saturday, July 11, 1953

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“A number of people are occupying the head offices of the Anglo-Irish Bank in central Dublin”
BBC News, 10:54 this morning.

Just a few snaps from today, when Eirigi activists staged a sit in at Anglo Irish Bank, grabbing media attention for most of the day. I was nearby at the National Museum so swung down, and by that stage (1pm) the occupation had been underway for a number of hours. It continued until around 2pm, when protestors left the building, and no arrests were made.

Now, snaps.

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Scannal deliver again with an excellent documentary surrounding the events of 18 July 1981 when a 15,000 strong crowd of hunger sriker supporters clashed with 1,500 Gardaí in Ballsbridge. The day’s events saw over 200 people injured, 1 million pounds worth of damage caused and dozens of arrests.

The broadcast has interviews with Peter Murtagh of the Irish Times, Garret Fitzgerald, Bernadette McAliskey, Aengus Ó Snodaigh and local residents. It also includes great archive footage (that I’ve never seen before) of a H Block related evening riot on O’Connell Street in May 1981.

The programme is available to watch here until February 22nd.

Masked Protester. (c) Irish Times

The Battle of Merrion Road. (c) Irish Times

Injured man. (c) Irish Times

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