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I’m hoping to write a piece on the history of reggae in Dublin, similar to what I’ve done so far on the Mod scene in Dublin and the Rockabilly scene.

From anecdotal evidence, I’ve heard the first places to play reggae in Dublin was Mothers nightclub on Mary Street and the Osibisa on King Street South both in the early to mid 1970s. (The Cimarons playing Cork in c. 1978/9 was the gig that really put reggae on the map in Ireland. Probably similar enough to what it did for punk in the city when The Clash played the exam hall in TCD in 1978.)

There was of course Zebra, Ireland’s first reggae band, and their 1979 single Repression.

Does anyone have any more information on these clubs, the DJs, the people who went  or anything else on the history of reggae in the city? Please email me directly at matchgrams(at)gmail.com

Mothers poster (C.Fisher, personal collection)

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