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(Hopefully this will be the first of a series on movies set or filmed in Dublin.)

Though set in Liverpool, Willy Russell’s Educating Rita about a young working class girl (Julie Waters) hoping to better herself by studying literature, was filmed in Ireland. TCD, UCD, Maynooth, Phoenix Park, Connolly Station and Ringsend all make appearances.

Various shots of Trinity College. Byrant’s (Michael Caine) office was filmed in the rooms of the College Historical Society and the University Philosophical Society respectively, and while the building was considerably refurnished, the production chose to leave portraits of Douglas Hyde and Isaac Butt and committee photographs in the former and a bust of John Pentland Mahaffy in the latter.

02:13 – Southside quays opposite Liberty Hall. 02:48 – Rathgar. 10:15 – South Lotts, Ringsend.

01:31 – Pub, Exterior. The Dame Tavern. 01:54 – Pub, Interior. The Stags Head. 06:24 – Church of the Holy Family, Aughrim Street.

04:33 – 04:44 – Belfield, UCD. 04:45 – 04:57: Maynooth College. 05:01 – Library. UCD? NUIM? TCD? 05:35 – NUIM? 07:37 – The old Connolly DART station. 08:22 – People’s Gardens, Phoenix Park. 09:35 – Crosthwaite Park, Dublin.

04:04 – Dobbin’s Wine Bistro – 15 Stephens Lane.

05:40 – “Flamingo, Parkes Hotel” Stillorgan Park Hotel, Stillorgan Road, Dublin. 08:29 – Ringsend

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The Blades’ first single was released on Energy Records in the summer of 1980.

The A side, Hot For You, is a singalong pop punk masterpiece. It was recorded by the original Blades line up (1977 – 81): Paul Cleary on vocals and bass, his brother Lar on Guitar and Pat Larkin on drums. Interestingly, at Ramport Studios in Battersea.

So, come outside baby
now the time is right
with your brand new shades and your jeans so tight,
well the sun is burning and I’m getting hot for you…

(From irishrock.org) Tour magazine. Circa 1980


The B-Side, Reunion, is a simple, fast paced tune with Paul Cleary’s typical lyrical genius.

I talk to her sister whenever I can
trying to make a connection
I used to write letters but threw them away
‘Cause I’m afraid of rejection.

This will be hopefully be the first of a series of pieces on classic Dublin punk and new wave singles.

Buy The Blades boxset here.

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