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My brother is now the king of the car boot sales. He comes back with some top class stuff. Like this timely tune.

Last Sunday, he arrives home from Harold’s Cross with a bag of records. Loads of the things. Spanish folk to ‘novelty’ records and everything in between. A Crashed Records 7″ from 1983 caught my eye, if only for the title.

‘Cause I’m On The Dole – Don’t Mean I Can’t Rock N’ Roll was a 1983 number from the band Jukebox. The B Side is ‘I Washed My Jeans’ (No point really if you’re on the Dole, who is going to see them?) The single was released on Crashed Records, based in the Donaghmede Centre of Dublin 13. Google has heard very little about the tune it seems, tragic as at the minute it’s National Anthem material. It’s not half bad either.

So turn up the speakers there (If you haven’t sold them yet) and give this one a play.

A cartoon from The Irish Times,July 9th 1983. Not much Rock N' Roll there.

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