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Above: Groovie Ghoulies- The Time Warp

I’ve always loved the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’ve seen the cult film on big screens and small screens, and it doesn’t get old. It’s a bit mad alright, but aren’t all the best things?

The arrival of the Rocky Horror Show, the acclaimed UK stage version of the classic, is most welcome. Flicking through The Ticket on a Friday (don’t we all?), I noticed it’ll be running at the Grand Canal Theatre, where all the good things in the world seem to be going over the next few months.

It’ll be running from Monday 11 through to Saturday 16 October 2010. All the details are over on the shows site, here.

Gem of the site has to be this.


Although not compulsory you may find that during the Time Warp you are the only person in the audience not on your feet. You dance the Time Warp by simply following the rule: ‘Do what it says in the song’. Do the same and you’ll be able to participate in this famous dance. For example, the phrase ‘its just a jump to the left’ should accompanied with a jump to the left. If you want to get up and boogie to other songs feel free to do so, but remember that the Time Warp is the only dance that has set moves


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