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This is an excellent idea, and we’re 110% behind it. The Facebook group to get Scary Eire ‘On The Dole Quee’ to number 1 this Christmas is located here, join and invite your internet friends. I’d encourage other bloggers to give this a post too.

Firstly, I’m not on the Dole. Yet. These are grim times but, and enough of you are. No doubt someone is reading this from home, in their boxers at 4pm waiting for Maury to come on the box. If so, this one is for you.

I don’t like picking one Sony song over another on the back of a rebel chorus telling people you won’t ‘do what they tell you’. In fact, I don’t really like the idea of pushing for number ones in most cases. Love Will Tear Up Apart on the anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death would have been nice, but that Facebook group failed bad. THIS but, this might be the one.

With the year that’s in it, is there ANY song more fitting for Christmas number one? You might be saying “Jesus H. Christ Donal, I’ve not even gone on holidays yet” but to you people I say this…. it’ll take a lot of work, a lot of word of mouth, a lot of independent radio play and online pushing. When you turn on the radio Christmas Eve, and hear them announce this one, you’ll smile. Plus, it is a top tune. Handy.

C’MON! Get into that there Facebook group, make it happen.

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