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Shakes on Dame Street

You’ll be waiting, but it’s worth it.

The Dime Bar milkshake, what an idea. Straight from the heavens, from the A4 sketch-pad of God himself surely. Delicious and (probably not at all) nutritious, and a steal at €2.99. I’ve bought dodgy pints on Dame Street for more than that in the past, and this is a steal.

At first, I was quite dismissive of the idea of a ‘milkshake bar’ opening up in the centre of town, a novelty at best I thought. It was only when passing early on Monday (1pm is ‘early’ to me) that I ventured in for a look.

Ahead of me, a business man in a suit, or eh…a slick dressing mod. Behind me, an old lady and her Marks and Spencers bags. Behind her, a couple of kids spending a summer roaming around town I imagine. A varied bunch. The staff? As sweet as the milkshakes, and not daunted at all by the workload lining up before them.

Your man in front goes for the Oreo, I go for the Dime Bar, and the lady behind me opts for the Galaxy. A posh one obviously. To kill the time, I grab a leaflet.

After Eight
Aero Mint
Buourbon Biscuit
Jammie Dodger
Skittles (I’m as confused as you)
Jelly Tots

These are just the ones that caught my eye. I won’t be trying the Weetabix offer, granted- but Skittles or Starbursts? Tempting.

At €2.99 for a regular shake, or €3.50 for a large offering, it’s not breaking the bank. There’s a student discount too, which is always nice. The option of Soya milk and ice-cream is there for those of you who are into that lark.

The place is open until 11pm some nights according to their Facebook, meaning you’ve no excuse. I expect to be put on a drip soon.

Shakes Milkshake Bar is open now.

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