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(Note: This is our 400th post. Wow! Our birthday is coming up in November. Watch this space)

It may take a while before someone writes the definitive history of the rave/dance/club scene in Dublin. Until then, here’s some links to keep you busy:


History of Dublin Clubbing, John Braineon, September 2000. Excellent overview covering the 1988 – 1990 Acid House period.

Notes on an Irish disco landscape, Paul Tarpey, September 2008. Well researched piece that covers the Dance Club scene from the early 1970s to the late 1990s.

Belfield’s 1980s Rave Scene, Sam McGrath, December 2009. While today Belfield is a vacuous musical wasteland of commercial electro-pop and RnB, in the late 1980s it enjoyed a healthy, organic dance scene.

Internet forums:

– Legendary 695 (!) page ‘Asylum/Oldskoolthread on Boards.ie which is still going strong after five years.

– 2005 Boards.ie thread on ‘Legendary Clubs/Raves’ and a short thread from 2009 asking posters to vote for ‘Dublin’s Best Ever Club’.

– A more recent 12 page thread on the Bodytonic forum about the “History of rave/dance music culture in Ireland”.


– A 1,636 strong Facebook group dedicated to the “Old Skool Ravers” of Dublin. Heaps of pictures, youtube links and reminiscences.

– A fantastic resource of flyers from Irish dance clubs (1988 – 2008)


Sides D.C. (1986 – 1996)

The Asylum (1992 – July 1994)

The Olympic Ballroom (Raves; April 1990 – 1994)

The Ormond Multimedia Centre (Mid 1990s?)

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