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Land League banner in The Longstone

One of our stops on the last pubcrawl (the review is yet to be finished- this weekend hopefully!) was The Longstone pub in Townsend Street. I won’t say too much about the place apart from the fact that we liked it and were taken aback by the decor; for the walls were adorned with what look like original Union banners dating from the late 19th Century. One that caught our attention was the one above, a banner with the words “Kinlough,” “Down With Landlordism,” “Union is Strength” and “Branch in League” painted on it, along with a picture of Michael Davitt. Now my knowledge of the Land League isn’t the best but I do know that the bottom part of Michael Davitts right arm was amputated at a young age after he got it caught in a cog wheel while working in a cotton mill, yet here he is in his resplendant glory with both arms intact! (Although it took me until I got home and looked at the pictures closely to realise that- the paint is very faint, and therefore could well depict Charles Stewart Parnell!)

Anyways. A little known fact about Davitt is he was invited to lay the centre turf at Celtic Park at the clubs inauguration in 1888. Thieves sneaked in that night and stole the very sod he lay, giving inspiration to the poem that begins:

“The curse of Cromwell blast the hand that stole the sod that Michael cut; May all his praties turn to sand – the crawling, thieving scut.”

Old man, old banner.

We mused how the banners got there and whether they were original or not. Now I was under the impression that this place had been in the hands of the same family for generations but apparently not- The Longstone, though it looks as if it’s been there forever, has changed hand a few times over the last couple of decades. The lady behind the bar was unable to shed any light on the situation, other than saying she always believed them to be originals.

Amalgamated Society of Tailors

We’d love to get a history of these banners, I’ll be mailing the folks from the Longstone anyways and will keep people posted about anything I hear. Alternatively, if anyone knows anything about them, drop us a line on here!

The Davitt banner in.. full.

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