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Combining my love of making lists and anecdotal Dublin history, I’ve been trying to work out what the oldest restaurant in Dublin City is. The following rules apply:

1) It has to be an actual restaurant, not a pub that serves food.
2) Restaurants within hotels don’t count.
3) It has to be in the same premises. (We’ve made one exception with The Unicorn seeing as it only moved around the corner and remained within the same family.)

Beaufield Mews in Stillorgan seems to be acknowledged as Dublin’s oldest restaurant (established 1950) that is still in the same premises. Note: it closed in 2019. But what about the city centre?

Some contenders:

+ The Unicorn, 12B Merrion Court (Originally established in 1938 at 11 Merrion Row, it moved to Merrion Court in the early 1960s.)

+ The Trocadero, 4 St. Andrew’s Street (Established 1956)

+ Nico’s, 53 Dame Street (Established 1964) – CLOSED 2018

+ The Lord Edward restaurant, 23 Christchurch Place (Established 1967) –  CLOSED 2015

+ The Gigs Place, South Richmond Street (Established 1970) – CLOSED 2012

+ Captain America’s, 44 Grafton Street (Established 1971)

+ Flanagan’s, 61 Upper O’Connell Street (Established 1980)

+ The Lobster Pot, 9 Ballsbridge Terrace (Established 1980)

+ Kingsland, 15 Dame Street (Established c. 1980) – CLOSED BUT NOW REOPENED

+ The Bad Ass Cafe, 9 – 10 Crown Alley (Established 1983)

+ Cornucopia, 19 Wicklow Street (Established 1986)

+ Da Vincenzo’s, 133 Upper Leeson Street (Established 1988) – CLOSED c. 2012

+ The Elephant and Castle, 18 Temple Bar (Established 1989)

Jammets Restaurant, Estd. 1901 on Andrews St moved to Nassau St. in 1927 and closed in 1967.


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