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D.C. Nien, who took their name from the postal district Dublin City 9, were one of the biggest bands in the Dublin Punk & New Wave scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

D.C. Nien in action at the Central Bank, Temple Bar (?). l-to-r. Brian Seales, Damien Gunn and an elderly fan. (Taken from http://www.irishrock.org/irodb/bands/dc9.html)

Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine has remarked that “when (he) was at school there were two bands at the time, U2 and D.C. Nien.  At the time they were equal on a level of popularity”.

The definitive book Irish Rock (1992) had the following to say about the band:

“D.C. Nien combined a truly awesome live sound with a tough skinhead image. Fronted by singer Damien Gunne, the band married danceable sounds with thought-provoking lyrics, and treaded the same boards as U2 in the late 1970s and early 1980s.”

(Both these quotes were taken from Joey Cashman’s website. Cashman played Sax with D.C. Nein and their successor The Tokyo Olympics. He is currently Shane MaGowan’s manager)

D.C. Nien  recorded and released only one single. For the first time online, here are both the A and B sides.

Cover of 'Nightclub'

Lyrics to 'Night Club'

D.C. Nien – Nightclub (1980)

Cover of 'Things Japanese'

Lyrics to 'Things Japanese' and Sleeve Notes

D.C. Nien  – Things Japanese (1980)

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