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Nice to see the Dublin Flea Market, which I plugged here just before Christmas (and hopefully guided at least one of you away from that Easons/Topman voucher ‘idea’), has a beautiful new website up online which you can check out here

Every month a different artist designs the Flea Market poster, which you can then purchase yourself for five yoyos.

I’m keeping a space on the back of the door for one of those Larkin efforts, fantastic. History nerds like me will no doubt get a giggle out of Parnell calling it a “great affair” too. I, for one, ‘see what they did there’.

Anyway, the March effort is an expanded one, with 20 extra slots available.You can apply over here.

It has happened TWICE now on Come Here To Me pubcrawls that I hear how good the market that day was from someone else. We’re ‘last Sunday of the month’ people too, you see. Only recently James R of Soundtracks For Them walked into Neds with a few records he’d picked up before joining us, and I’m pretty sure even my Ma has got to one so far.

I really enjoyed Independents Day up at Newmarket (where the Flea takes place) so I figure I’ll get along to the next one without a doubt. I’ll even forgive them for putting a picture of a Diana camera on the website. You know the ones, the lovely plastic things in Urban Outfitters that you can’t find film for anywhere (PLEASE educate me if I’m wrong…) this side of JFK Airport.

Dublin Flea Market
The last Sunday of the Month
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