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Ever since my cell phone, I never have a pen.
And I don’t speak in English, I speak in predictive text.
Ever since we got our cable, I never have anything to do…..

Feck sake. I can’t make this one as I will be in Glasgow Airport at the time.

I really enjoy the music of Bomb The Music Industry!, I’ve been to see frontman Jeff Rosenstock in the past, in what I remember to have been Greystones. BTMI! are a musical collective from New York who best fit into the punk/ska school. All their music is available online for free, over here. That sums up the bands DIY work ethic pretty well. They also try to ensure as many gigs as possible are All Ages. Unfortunately, the Dublin gig is not so.

The night before this gig, they play Katie Gallaghers in Bray with a 7pm start.

Bomb the Music Industry! plays a blend of several musical styles anchored onto ska and punk. They’re often compared to bands from previous waves of ska such as the Blue Meanies, Fishbone or Big D and the Kids Table that blended a range of influences and experimental effects onto the ska framework common in each band’s respective eras. Bomb the Music Industry! also share similarities with popular ska/punk and punk acts such as Catch-22 and Slapstick.

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