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One of the highlights of Culture Night for me was an excellent exhibition of vintage Irish bookcovers from Niall McCormack’s collection. In my own house we’ve an impressive enough collection of O’ Casey’s, O’ Faolain’s and O’ Flaherty’s, but nothing near the excellent collection McCormack has built up. I have been attempting to bully the younger brother into scanning some up online somewhere, and I hope he will soon.

Now, that culture night exhibition is being followed up with an exhibition on the work of Cor Klaasen.

“The Vintage Irish Book Covers blog are very proud to be presenting this exhibition of Cor Klaasen’s wonderful book and record cover designs. We have been looking through the Klaasen familys’ archive of Cor’s work and selecting the most interesting and striking pieces for inclusion in the show. The record sleeves alone will make this exhibition unmissable for anyone interested in graphic design, illustration and visual culture in general.”

Cor Klaasen (1926-1989) was a Dutch illustrator and designer, who became an Irish citizen early in the 1960s and worked here for O’Kennedy Brindley Advertising while also designing many excellent book and record covers. I knew nothing of him before hearing of this exhibition. There is a sizeable collection of his work on the exhibitions site here.

All details are on the poster above. The event takes place at adfferentkettleoffishaltogether, and this recent Come Here To Me post on the past life of the premises may interest a few of you.


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