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Tore Up (A Side) – Dave Maher And The Rockets (Bus Records/1984)

An interesting rockabilly record purchased recently at the Harolds Cross car boot sale. The cover swung the deal, but a quick look at the back revealed it to be a Bus Records release, a label I hard previously spotted listed on the excellent Irish Punk and New Wave Discography irishrock.org From there, I established that the label was based in Inchicore, West Dublin.

The A Side is a catchy number, Tore Up of course being a bit of a Rockbilly staple. The video below is just one example of many available online.

Here is the B-Side, Ready Teddy. Another good rockabilly number. The back of the record includes an image of the band, does anyone know anymore? This kind of thing is right up jaycarax’s street, so we’ll see if he can shed any more light.

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